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About Coinchase

Coinchase is a Community-based Cryptocurrency Financial Services Network.

It is a new generation of financial services network. As traditional finance has lost its vitality, the emerging and fast-growing blockchain industry brings rapid development in this sector and high returns to customers. Coinchase is based on cryptocurrency: it aims to build a community-based financial network composed of individuals. Individuals are both creators and beneficiaries of the network. Coinchase acts as the organizer and service developer of its network.

Coinchase's financial services include:

Investing: Coinchase selects projects with a higher probability of success through a selective, rigorous and strict due diligence process to provide users with investment opportunities. For the users, Coinchase presents all of project parties' main data, including static information of project parties, as well as dynamic ones such as social media updates, community activity status, big data aggregation regarding the projects’ search volume etc.. Moreover, Coinchase provides in-depth communication between its community and projects, hence users are able to gain a holistic understanding of all project in all dimensions. Meanwhile, users are able to participate in multiple projects’ Public Sales once they go through Know Your Customer (KYC), saving time and cost to project parties.

Savings: Users can save different cryptocurrencies such as ETC, BTC, USDT, and CCH on Coinchase to get returns according to savings terms.

Loan: Users can lend a certain percentage of USDT for use by tying the cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, CCH to the platform or to other platform users.

Exchange: Coinchase provides cryptocurrencies trading services.

OTC: When the public sale ends and before the token is exchange listed. Coinchase provides this service to users to trade their tokens on its platform. This will allow unlisted currencies to have liquidity.

News: Coinchase will aggregate and recommend various cryptocurrencies news, reports, timely news, etc. that users are interested in.

Community: Users can participate in the discussion about a various project on Coinchase, follow other users, and discover the content that they are interested in.

Coinchase Features:

Secure and Trusted: We store the vast majority of cryptocurrencies in secure offline storage. All investment is fully insured. Security is our number one priority.

Great Rates, Great Benefits: Coinchase offers great rates and great benefits to users through mortgage loans, quantitative trading, preferred investment, and profit sharing from Coinchase’s website.

Complete Risk Control: We maintain strong risk management, strong compliance with regulations, and excellent operational controls.

0 Fees: No annual, transaction and other account fees. Fee free, for real.

Coinchase Token (CCH) Coinchase Token (CCH) represents Proof-of-Usage and Proof-of-Stake of the Coinchase network. CCH is the token issued by Coinchase. The total supply of CCH tokens is 10 billion. CCH Utility Coinchase Token (CCH) Represents Proof-of-Usage (PoU) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) of the Coinchase Network.

CCH can be used to: Become a member; Investments; Lending; As transaction fee; Community payment.

Proof-of-Usage: The allocation of CCH is measured by the amount of contribution each user makes to the Coinchase network. CCH rewards are available for effective activities at Coinchase and for contributing to the Coinchase network. 51% of the total supply of CCH will be used to reward users who contribute to the Coinchase network. Effective activities include: inviting friends to join the Coinchase network, participating in Coinchase's investment activities, participating in Coinchase's deposit activities, participating in Coinchase's lending activities, and contributing high-quality analytical articles.

Proof-of-Stake: The users of Coinchase Network have the right to earn CCH tokens. Coinchase allocates 51% of the total supply of CCH participants holders of CCH. Coinchase distributes 51% of its total supply among CCH holders in proportion to the number of CCHs owned by them. For example, in a certain allocation period, Coinchase's profits to be distributed is 100BTC+200ETH, and a user holds 2% of the total CCH in circulation. Then, in this allocation period, that user should receive 2BTC+4ETH.

Competitive Advantages of Coinchase:

  1. ’Break and Return‘ Insurance : In order to protect participants in bear market, Coinchase stands by the users' side and asks project parties to participate in ‘Break and Return' insurance: If the average price of project's token falls below Public Sale price on the first 48 hours of the first exchange listing, users can choose to be refunded by Coinchase.
  2. The 200% Incentive: Coinchase allocated 51% of the total supply of CCH tokens to incentivize its users to participate in public sale actively. Coinchase will charge project parties 5% of the total amount raised during their Public Sale. Then, Coinchase will double that number (the 5% fee) and share it among the project’s Public Sale participants in the form of CCH tokes, percentage-wise according to their contribution to the project.
  3. C2C Trading: Coinchase’s C2C Trading is designed to enhance the liquidity of tokens that have been transacted on its platform. Before the tokens are listed on the exchange, users can trade them freely through Coinchase’s C2C Trading feature. Coinchase's goal is to let users reach a consensus with high-quality blockchain projects. Consensus is the core spirit of the token ecosystem. The introduction of C2C Trading will greatly enhance the tokens’ liquidity, thus attracting more people to join the ecosystem. Expanding the project's consensus will ultimately lead to an increase in the value of the project’s tokens.

2018 Q2
Accumulate platform users and build user community.
Build a world’s leading community-focused Blockchain crowdfunding platform.
2018 Q1
2018 Q1 Complete platform Construction,Find truly valuable blockchain projects to list.
2018 Q3
Issue CCH platform token, launch “Break and Return” insurance, launch share profits policy to users.
2018 Q4
Launch C2C trading board on official website. CCH Public sale starts.
2019 Q1
Launche a comments and rating board on official website.
2019 Q2
Launch content output and social interaction board.
Token info:
Token: CCH
Platform: Ethereum
Token for sale: 2,000,000,000
ICO round 1 - 30%
Investment Info:
Token price currency: ETH
Token price: 1 CCH = 0.000025 ETH
Minimum investment: 0.2 ETH
Soft cap: 400 ETH
Hard cap: 41,900 ETH
Token distribution:
51% - participation incentives
    20% - public sale
    15% - team
    10% - platform ecology and operations
    4% - advisors & early investors
Widget Status
0d. 0h.
Token: CCH
Price: 1 CCH = 0.000025 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Soft cap: 400 ETH
Hard cap: 41,900 ETH
Min. invest: 0.2 ETH
MVP/Prototype: Available
Country: Singapore
Bounty: Available
Whitelist/KYC: KYC only
ICO start: 26 Nov 2018
ICO end: 26 May 2019
Restricted countries:
China, United States
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