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About Dubai Token

A blockchain is a distributed ledger that can record transactions or any other information in continuously growing blocks. Through using a cryptographic hash, these blocks, when created, would be immutable, It means that once any information is recorded in the system, they can never be deleted or changed. It makes blockchain a great solution in any situation where recording data needs to be traceable, transparent and performed by untrusted members of a network.

The blockchain technology has made it possible for a digital and decentralized currency to become operational. Far more than being just an underlying technology of a cryptocurrency, blockchain technology is going to be as revolutionary as the historical inventions such as steam or combustion engine. This technology can revolutionize the digital world; using the ‘distributed consensus’ feature for each old or new online transaction, it can process transactions that allow digital assets to be identified in the future. And this is all possible without any risk against one’s privacy, in a secure environment for the digital assets in all sides of the transaction.

Due to the requirement of a trusted third party, online financial transactions have become the monopoly of a few corporations, leading to an unnecessary increase in transactions fees.

Using cryptography, digital signatures, and subsequent verification by other participants (known as miners) in the network, blockchain does not rely on any central node or third party in a transaction process. Every transaction is secured by a digital signature. Each transaction is digitally signed by the sender’s private key before being sent to the receiver’s public key. In order to be able to spend any amount of money, the owner of the money needs to prove that they own the private key. By using the public key of the sender, a miner identifies the digital signature (ownership of the private key) and if correct, confirms it (the miner runs some other checks and marks the transaction as valid).

Q2-Q3 2019
1. First round of pre-sale completed with focus on strategic investors 2. Team of 37 full-time contributors established 3. Financial Intermediary status (AML-license) received in Switzerland 4. Banking License (Liechtenstein) and Security Dealer license application in preparation 5. Development of core platform components completed, overall integration tests ongoing 6. Go-to-market focus areas: a. Early access user onboarding b. Global expansion of conference series (Crypto Summit World Tour) 7. Further partnerships with VC funds, technology provider and legal advisors 8. Second round of pre-sale completed with focus on strategic partners.
Q4 2019 – Q1 2020
1. Team of 45 full-time contributors established, plus opening for outside developers. 2. Launch of platform with core components in production – listing of Smart Dubai token as. first proof of issuance and trading capabilities followed by trading of selected. cryptocurrencies, utility and payment token. 3. Establishment of enterprise-grade custody solution for digital assets. 4. Applications for Banking License and OTF (Organized Trading Facility) completed. 5. Core members of asset verticals joined the Smart Dubai network, working groups. preparing the legal frameworks for security trading. 6. Go-to-market focus areas: a. Ramp-up of online communities and onboarding of users to the platform. b. Brand awareness in home markets (UAE, EU, Switzerland, UK, ). 7. ICO completed.
Q1 2019
1. Team of 10 full-time contributors established 2. Financial Intermediary status in Dubai in preparation 3. Platform prototype fully functional on consortium blockchain build. 4. Go-to-market focus areas: a. Establishment of flagship conference series Crypto / ICO Summit b. Brand awareness / PR (print, online, TV) 5. Key partnerships established with VC funds, technology providers, and legal advisors
Q2 2020 – Q4 2020
1. Team of 75 full-time, plus significant growth of external contributor team. 2. Banking license in Liechtenstein granted, additional services in securitization and basic banking services. 3. Begin listing and trading security tokens on the Smart Dubai Platform. 4. Extended functionality in production - collaboration tools, incentive systems, task and apps marketplace. 5. Functionality for decentralized trading for selected assets enabled (smart contract-based auctions). 6. Smart Dubai Chain operational to meet specific regulatory / compliance requirements for certain security token. 7. Go-to-market focus area: growth of user base in home market plus top 10 focus countries though incentives and reward programs.
1. Rapid expansion of listed tokens. 2. Functionality for decentralized, compliant trading is extended to securities and becomes. primary method for less liquid assets (global pooling of liquidity). 3. Smart Dubai network includes similar platforms in the US and Asia enabling crossplatform listings and distribution. 4. Advanced functionality for incentivizing decentralized value creation. 5. Large ecosystem established driving the open source functional extension.
Token info:
Token: DXB
Platform: Ethereum
Token for sale: 450,000,000
Investment Info:
Token price currency: ETH
Token price: 1DXB = 0.02 USD
Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD
Widget Status
0d. 0h.
Token: DXB
Price: 1DXB = 0.02 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD
Country: United Arab Emirates
Whitelist/KYC: KYC only
Pre-sale start: 06 Jul 2019
Pre-sale end: 06 Aug 2019
ICO start: 07 Aug 2019
ICO end: 07 Dec 2019
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