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About Futurepia

A large number of social media DApp services treating personal content will emerge. However, we should be prepared for this situation, and all of us should solve the problem of the blockchain industry. We are going to present our solution to the problem: the FUTUREPIA mainnet.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS are all mainnet. Thousands of blockchain ventures have emerged in the last years and most of them are based on these mainnet services. CryptoKitties and Akasha are also based on Ethereum mainnet. However, Ethereum-based blockchain services are so slow (15 transactions per second) that it is impossible to provide real services, and companies that succeeded in ICO based on Ethereum should choose a
new mainnet. Moreover, with Ethereum there is the burden of having to pay a small fee for each transaction. Even if users sign up on CryptoKitties, they will have to buy Ethereum separately to use the service. What if you had to pay Gas every time you posted or added a comment on Facebook?

Given the situation, EOS is the mainnet that seems to be a solution to Ethereum’s limitations. EOS is already the number one by trading volume in Korea. However, EOS has some relevant problems. Early stage DApp developers have to buy between 2 to 3 million USD worth of EOS coins to provide service on EOS mainnet. This is a very unfavourable condition for start-ups compared to the existing venture ecosystems. On the other hand, selecting 21 delegate nodes to increase the processing speed seems a good approach, but these 21 nodes are vulnerable to network attacks because they are all exposed. On top of this, EOS coin holders who are responsible for selecting representative nodes, show a voting rate of around 20% only, this is why real democracy is not realized.

Recently, the entire EOS network got stuck as a single coin holder staked 50,000 coins into the CPU in EOS. As a result, worldwide a new issue has emerged and this may eventually require the EOS mainnet to be configured independently for each DApp service. In fact, DApps like CardioCoin, which are confident that they can run at 3,000 TPS at the first launch and don’t want to be affected by mainnet malfunctions caused by other DApps, took these EOS problems seriously and eventually solved the need for an independent mainnet service by partnering with us. The FUTUREPIA social media mainnet wants to be the solution that ov rcomes the weaknesses of the above blockchain mainnets.

We focus on the social media category, not a generic mainnet that covers all areas. Through this, we will provide support to diverse social media DApps that want to utilize personal contents in a better way. It will speed up the development of joining DApp by providing a stable mainnet service as well as a variety of social media-specific APIs. In addition, by sharing the social network database, which is the core data in social media, between DApps, it will be convenient for DApp users and it will help each developer to carry out DApp marketing more efficiently.  

RFID/IOT World Congress Participatio; SKT SmartKeepel CCTV + App. Launch; CCTV Location based App 'Oing' Development; Cloud Streaming Services 'CANCAN'; Patent : Prohibition on Similar App Double Action; Mobile media streaming service using UDP Punching; Mass storage file with wifi direct Technology; Media streaming using Cloud Service Server.
'TOUCH' Application Launch; Real-time Personal Broadcasting Media Server Development; Research Block Chain Algorithm.
Q1-Q2 2018
Team building : DDPoS Algorithm Development DDPoS Engine Development; Basic work for ICO; Patent : Method of verifying block based on Blockchain; Web Wallet Development; DDPoS Mainnet Launch; FPC Web Wallet Launch.
Q3-Q4 2018
TGE 1st / TGE 2nd / TGE 3rd; FUTUREPIA Rewards Policy; FUTUREPIA Service Development; Block Chain DDPoS Node Build; DDPoS Mainnet Setting; DDPoS Mainnet Open Preparation; Master Node Select; App Wallet Development.
Q1 2019
App Wallet Development; FUTUREPIA Service OPEN; BP, BO Select; BP Launch.
Token info:
Token: FPC
Platform: Ethereum
Token for sale: 66,600,000,000
Sale 	42%
Investment Info:
Token price currency: ETH, BTC
Token price: 1 FPC = 0.00005 ETH
Hard cap: 3,330,000 ETH
Token distribution:
30% - Fund
30% - ICO
15% - Team
10% - Community development
10% - Partner & advisors
5% - Reserve
Widget Status
0d. 0h.
Token: FPC
Price: 1 FPC = 0.00005 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Hard cap: 3,330,000 ETH
MVP/Prototype: Available
Country: Singapore
Whitelist/KYC: KYC only
ICO start: 20 May 2019
ICO end: 21 May 2019
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