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About Zoptax

The boom of cybertelecom in the last decade emerged as a key disruptive innovation of the era and essentially shaped how individuals communicate in an increasingly digitalized world. However, central authorities across the globe have often come under fire for exploiting their power by blocking VoIP apps to promote political agendas and take away the voice of the people. The Blockchain-driven technology of Zoptax presents the ultimate solution to this prevailing challenge and leverages the unprecedented potential of crypto to operate a completely decentralized and serverless architecture. This document outlines the functionality of this framework as a solution to current challenges facing subscribers and highlights the potential of the Zoptax Network as a next-gen communications tool.

January 2020
International Event. The Zoptax brand will be positioned in international events, trade shows and fairs featuring other companies that are making waves in the Blockchain arena. The Zoptax leadership will network with professionals, influencers and key decision makers to promote the service and its unique selling point.
April 2020
Launch Of Zoptax Mobile Apps. Formal launch of Zoptax mobile apps for iOS, Android and windows phone which are expected to add value to the service and improve the experience of customers by benefitting from a range of features and add-ons.
Launch of Zoptax Mobile . Formal launch of Zoptax mobile with embedded Zoptax will be conducted in 2020. The premise of launching this solution is to enable users to make completely secure calls.
November 2018
Zoptax Idea Evaluation and Documentation. Conducting comprehensive idea management and innovation management to draft a plan for the future of Zoptax.
January 2019
Start of Zoptax Communication and Blockchain Development. Executing the plans for the entity by engaging in the development of Blockchain infrastructure and an effective communications strategy.
September 2019
Launch of Zoptax Desktop And Web Application. In April, 2019 the Zoptax system will witness an expansion as a desktop and web application shall be integrated within it.
Public Launch of Zoptax’s Blockchain Source. Public launch of Zoptax Bone Blockchain source will be performed in 2022 to act as a foundation for the expansion of our services in Zoptax community and promote the benefits that come with the Zoptax Blockchain Source.
April 2019
Initiation of Crowdsale and Launch of Zoptax Application Prototype. Formally launching the Zoptax application prototype to test usability and functionality while proposing any necessary amendments for modifying the product and improving its current performance along with intital crowdsale of Zoptax coin.
Token info:
Token: ZPT
Token for sale: 12,000,000
Round 1 Price = 10% Bonus for 2,000,000 Sale at 0.2500
Round 2 Price = 7% Bonus for 2,000,000 Sale at 0.2625
Round 3 Price = 5% Bonus for 2,000,000 Sale at 0.2756
Round 4 Price = 3% Bonus for 2,000,000 Sale at 0.2894
Round 5 Price = 2% Bonus for 2,000,000 Sale at 0.3038
Round 6 Price = 0% Bonus for 2,000,000 Sale at 0.3190
Investment Info:
Token price currency: ETH, BTC
Token price: 1 ZPT = 0.25 USD
Soft cap: 500,000 USD
Hard cap: 3,500,000 USD
Widget Status
0d. 0h.
Token: ZPT
Price: 1 ZPT = 0.25 USD
Soft cap: 500,000 USD
Hard cap: 3,500,000 USD
MVP/Prototype: Available
Whitelist/KYC: KYC only
Pre-sale start: 30 May 2019
Pre-sale end: 12 Jun 2019
ICO start: 15 Jun 2019
ICO end: 30 Jul 2019
Restricted countries:
United States
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