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Advertising on IcoRaces will help to increase the recognition of your project.
Premium ICO's always attracts more traffic and investment.
Your project will be the first one seen by investors.

Link Your ICO to Success!

ICO Review and Rating service.
ICO Listing.
Terms of publication within 24-72 hours.
Get a Rating widget.
Share post on our Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.
Full ICO profile.
Personal page with detailed information.
Permanent Listing over ICOs Directory.
Submit ICO
0.5 ETH
Pinned at the top in "Hot ICO" section.
Pinned in the "Hot ICO" module in sidebar. Visible on every page of IcoRaces.
Placing your ICO on the pages of other projects in the “Hot ICO” section. Over 4,000 placing at a time.
Promote in our weekly newsletter.
Weekly share on our Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.
Pinned on top of the Facebook, Twitter and Telegram for 24 hours. (weekly)
Get publish in partner Social Media.
Unlimited edits are allowed. All ICO updates will be reviewed and processed within 24 hours.
Priority ICO information updates. Review and content update. (weekly)
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